AACR2 is published under the auspices of the AACR Fund as outlined in the Governance section of this Web site.

As noted in its General Introduction, the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR) are designed for use in the construction of catalogues and other lists in general libraries of all sizes. The rules cover the description of, and the provision of access points for, all library materials commonly collected at the present time.

The second edition of the rules is based on a reconciliation of the British and North American texts of the 1967 edition. This extends to style, which is generally in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style, and to spellings, which are those of Webster’s New International Dictionary.

Part I deals with the provision of information describing the item being catalogued, and Part II deals with the determination and establishment of headings (access points) under which the descriptive information is to be presented to catalogue users, and with the making of references to those headings. In both parts the rules proceed from the general to the specific.

In addition to the Rules, The AACR Fund authorizes other publications. The most prominent of these are The Concise AACR2 and Cartographic Materials.

AACR is published in English and has been translated into other languages, which are listed under Translations section of this site.


By Taufiq Kurniawan

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