Statnet is a suite of R packages for the management, exploration, statistical analysis, simulation and vizualization of network data. Our statistical modeling framework relies on Exponential-family Random Graph Models (ERGMs). All of our software is open source (GPL-3), with development on GitHub, and packages published to the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN).

  • statnet community listserv
    To get help or ask a question, join and post to the statnet community listserve, statnet_help.
  • Training Materials from our Workshops
    We publish a wide range of tutorials that provide an introduction to using the statnet packages for network analysis. They can be found on our wiki here. You can also just type into your browser bar.
  • GitHub package repositories
    The repositories in the GitHub statnet organization are maintained by the Statnet Development Team. Many of these respositories are public, and all of the public repos have corresponding packages released on CRAN. View the full list of public repos.

The software in the statnet organization includes:

  • Packages from the statnet suite of software for the description, statistical analysis and vizualization of network data
  • Citation, license and attribution information.
  • Packages from the EpiModel suite of software for the mathematical modeling of epidemics on networks.


By Taufiq Kurniawan

Interested on library and information science, literacy, digital library, digital humanities, data science, media and culture studies.