General ResourcesNetwork Analysis SoftwareData Visualization on Web
Networks, Crowds and Markets: Reasoning About a Highly Connected World, David Easley and Jon Kleinberg 2010 (free!)UCINet, standalone analysis and visualization software with GUI – easiest way in to network analysis, but only free for a monthD3.js, a fantastic data visualization archive for web applications
Introduction to social network methods, Robert Hanneman & Mark Riddle; Accessible introduction to SNASNA, R Package by Carter Butts, useful for visualization and statistical analysis of network datadataisbeautiful subreddit, some interesting stuff
Social Network Analysis Instructional Web Site, Steve BorgattiNetwork, R Package by Carter Butts, useful for manipulating network dataMany Eyes (IBM), very flexible visualization platform for multiple types of data
Social Network Analysis ListservNetworkX, Python packageGoogle NGrams, see the relative usage of words in Google Books corpus over time
R Tutorial for SNA, Solomon Messingigraph, Python and R packageMartin Wattenberg
Strategic Leadership Teaching Slides, Ron Burtgephi, standalone network visualization softwareEdward Tufte‘s message board
Applied/Hands on Tutorial using UCINet for business students, Rob Crosspajek, standalone network visualization softwareJulian Hillebrand Blog on Social Media, Technology and Analytics (includes some nice API tutorials)
SNA subreddit
Curated Index of SNA Research Centers, Businesses, Courses, and Papers
History of SNA